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1)Open MetaTrader 4 and Select Code Base section from the bottom most Menu.

2)To apply particular Indicator,Right click on the Indicator and press Download.

3)Once you press Download, particular indicator will get downloaded automatically to the Downloads folder to the left in the Navigator.

4)Once you click OK, the particular indicator will be applied onto the chart.

5)To change the properties of the indicator ,Right click on the indicator and select Properties.


Here is the step by step Installation Procedure for MataTrader 5

1.Goto https://www.metatrader5.com and download the file

2.Double click and run the installation setup file,Select Yes to agree the license

3.Once it is done the Next button will be enabled, automatically it will download the files as shown below

4.Press Finish,once the files get downloaded.

5.Open the MetaTrader 5.Select first option ‘AMPGlobalClearing-Demo-CGQ’ press Next

6.Click on demo account. if your a new user,Click Next


7. Fill the form with a necessary information required,Click on Next

8.Demo account registration form will be open which contains Your login,password and Investor. for further use save username and password.Click Finish

9.After completing the registration, you will receive a confirmation letter in the “Mailbox” of the platform. This provides all the necessary information about your demo account.


Here is the step by Step Installation Procedure for MataTrader 4

1)Goto MetaTrader Download Section and press the MetaTrader 4 download button.

2)Run the Installation Setup.Enable the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” and Press the Next Button.

3)To complete the installation process, click the Finish button.

4)Once the Installation is complete.MetaTrader 4 will start automatically.Select the Trading Server and click Next.

5)Select the type of account.Choose to create a new demo account and click Next.

6)Add Personal Information to the empty boxes and click Next.

7)Next You will receive Login, Trader Password and Investor Password needed to connect to Your account.Click Finish to complete the registration.

8) After completing the Registration, You will receive a Confirmation letter in the Mailbox of the Platform. This provides all the necessary information about your Demo Account.